Ozzi is MK's and Professor Bomba's pet pug. MK was surprised to see he was still alive, to which her father replied, "Well, y'know, most of him".


Ozzi is an aging excitable and loving pug dog with dirty white & black fur. He only has three legs and is missing an eye. It is unknown what series of events befell him to leave him in this condition.





  • The proper spelling of Ozzi's name can be found during the closing credits on a Post-It note reminder to "Feed Ozzi".
  • Ozzi is missing his front right leg, and his right eye.
  • Ozzi is oddly energetic and quick for his age and disabilities, stated by MK when he ran out into the woods, prompting her to comment to herself, "How are you so fast on three legs?!"
  • Ozzi's affection and natural recognition senses prove a problem in the Boggan Armor Raid scene in Professor Bomba's house. She attempts to "kiss" (lick) MK, Nod, and Ronin, which, at their sizes, would have ended disastrously had it not been for the speed and agility they have from their small size.
  • Ozzi eats a Boggan rider that attempts to kill Mary Katherine during the Final Battle, when MK goes to find her father, who is on his way to Moonhaven.
  • Ozzi shown to be very old. On the photo where little MK, Professor Bomba and Susan, Ozzi is seen healthy and young, with nothing missing. 
  • Professor Bomba jokes that Ozzi will run away from home if he gets the chance. Later, it is seen that when MK opens the door, Ozzi runs away. After a while, Ozzi is seen sitting upon the doormat, waiting for MK or Professor Bomba to come back.
  • In the aforementioned scene when Ozzi eats a Boggan rider, the image is flipped. We can tell because his missing eye is now on the wrong side. This mistake repeats itself during the house chase slightly earlier, and Grub suffers from the same problem (his shell patterns go backwards in some shots).