Marigold Child's Mother

Marigold Child's Mother is an unnamed bloom daisy flower Jinn. She keeps her daughter by her side and explaining the Queen to her child is what made her want to be Queen herself. She is voiced by Malikha Mallette.

She was proud and amazed at her daughter, when The Pod chose her to be the new Queen of the Forest; and later became speechless when her child used her new powers to send the young Stomper home and back to her true size.


The Marigold Child's Mother is kind, wise and calm, and loves her child very much. When her daughter ran off to help Queen Tara, she asked one of the Leafmen help her find and bring her back to safety on the back of one of their Hummingbirds', in which they succeeded.


  • She is a daisy jinn, while her child is a marigold jinn, her name is unknown.
  • She is also known as Mom Jinn.

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