M.K.'s Bedroom in the Bomba's house was left just as it was from when M.K. lived there as a little girl.

Her bed is pink with dark pink blankets and a pink pillow. There is a table with two pink chairs and her childhood dollhouse with two dolls in it. There is also a toy chest next to the bed with a pink blanket on top of it. The wall on the left to the bed has Stars, Moons, Suns, and Fairies with a Solar System mobile hanging from it.

Next to the toy chest are boxes and a pair of skis for a little girl. The box on the top has toy blocks in it. It is unknown what is in the bottom box.

In the middle of the room, there is a rainbow rug. There is a small dresser next to the bed and a big dresser with books, a cup of pencils, a vase, and a birdhouse on it. Underneath the big dresser is a little piano. There is also a wall with paintings of a tree with animals.

It is also likely that the bedroom has been remodeled to be more fit for a teenager after the events of M.K.'s adventure and her decision to remain with her father.

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