The Leafmen ride trained and saddled Hummingbirds as steeds to get around the forest and take on the Boggan's Crow and Bat steeds. A golden tribal hummingbird is used as the Leafmen's mark

The birds are fitted with armor which is similar to their rider's, and saddles and reins to make it easier for them to sit, stand and to stay on their backs in battle or when they are flying fast. Their size, speed, and maneuverability make them the right kind of birds for the Leafmen to ride on.

However they can only carry at most two people on their backs, which is why Ronin instructed Nod to bring his racing bird with them, as they needed to transport the Pod's caretakers—Mub and Grub—as well.


  • The tribal hummingbird crests can be seen on the Leafmen's shields and on leaf-like-flags.
  • M.K. was able to learn how to ride on one, from her time with Ronin and Nod.

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