The graphic evolution of various aspects of epic before their final forms which hit the screens. Some of these early concept art designs do not even resemble what they turned out to be in the movie.

Early Boggans Edit

As you can see, many of these early boggan sketches show humanoid-like boggans with occasional feathers, and usually having wings:

Early Leafmen Edit

As we can see here, the early Leafmen were drawn to have wings, and acorn helmets, with occasional feathery helmets:

Mub and Grub Edit

The early Mub and Grub's sketches don't look that much different from the Mub and Grub we see in the finished film:

The Bomba Family Edit

The family we see here is the early sketches of the Bomba Family, including: M.K., Professor Bomba, and Ozzie (their dog).

Wildlife Edit

Finally, here are the sketches for the Wildlife, Flower Jinn, Nim Galuu's Tree, and other Forest Pictures: