Character main Bufo


Bufo is a talking Toad that fills the niche of unsavory hood in the forest. He apparently acts as a promoter at the Bird Races, and having hired Nod to lose a race, was upset and had him worked over afterward for winning.

Overhearing Ronin's plans, Bufo repeats it to Mandrake when forcibly dragged in front of him and questioned under implied threat of losing his legs.

His assistants are a moth and a mosquito.


Bufo is a mean toad who takes pleasure into not letting Nod win the race. Bufo made an offensive comment about Mandrake's late son causing Mandrake to be angered.


Bufo: [snaps fingers] Feed him to something. A snake will be good.
Ronin: Nah, snakes just swallow you whole. Now, if you put him in a hornets' nest, now that's a show.
Bufo: Aw, look, it's Ronin. Defender of the weak. Pooper of parties. Here to spoil the fun.
Ronin: I didn't spoil all of it. I let you hit him.
Nod: [groans] Twice!
Ronin: Now, hop along, little froggy.
Bufo: Easy there, Ronin. It's a big forest out there. Even Leafmen gotta sleep.



  • Bufo is voiced by famous Cuban-American rapper sensation, Pitbull.
  • In a Deleted Scene, he felt afraid into wanting to know where the Pod is at. He talks to Mub and Grub and Nim Galuu.