Bomba House

The Bomba House—54 Saw Mill Road, Danbury, Connecticut, 07321—is the home of Professor Radcliffe Bomba, his daughter M.K., and their dog Ozzi. It sits next to the forest that is the home to the Jinn and Leafman and houses the world of Moonhaven.

Susan had left the house when she divorced her husband and took their daughter with her. Over the years the professor used his house as his "lab", as he looked for the little people that live in the forest next to his home; by setting up cameras that send an image to many screens in the house and marking the "sightings" on maps of the forest. He had lived alone, with only his dog for company until his teenaged daughter came home, after her mother recently died.

Radcliffe had left Mary Katherine's old bedroom the way she had left it, when she was little. After M.K.'s adventure, she helped her father fill the house will facts about the Leafmen and Jinn.



  • The address is listed on Professor Bomba's Drivers' License as seen in the closing credits.