Character main Mandrake

Mandrake, one of the Boggans

Boggans are a race of froggish, insect-like goblin beings who want to destroy the entire forest and are enemies of the Leafmen.


The Boggans are first seen when they have what as Dagda called "a little skirmish" by attacking Queen Tara's party to select a pod to become her successor. One of the Boggans is very unlucky and is splattered all over M.K.'s cab.

They try to assassinate Queen Tara, but fail. Dagda and Mandrake then go after Tara and Ronin. Dagda is shot down, but Mandrake manages to shoot Tara in the side with an arrow.


They come in four major types:

  1. Skinny: These Boggans are very skinny, and have flat noses. They are often armed with tiny spears no bigger than themselves. They wear hummingbird skulls they salvage from dead hummingbirds. Sometimes they are used as spears by larger boggans. They also have wings.
  2. Medium: These ones often are unarmored, but sometimes they will wear Odd helmets made of bark and the exoskeletons of bugs for armor. They are often armed with bows and arrows.
  3. Large: these guys have big builds, and often carry around the small boggans as spears. They wear bat skulls and carry clubs similar to Mandrake's.
  4. Humanoid: Mandrake and Dagda, on the other hand, are more human-like in appearance. However, they have beaklike noses and four digits on each hand. It is unknown if there are more like them as only the two are seen.


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