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Love Robin
• 9/7/2016

Leafmen's Weapons

What are the Leafmen swords and bows made out of?

They have a glow or shine when the light hits them, are they metal or bone, if so how do you think they make them?

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Love Robin
• 9/14/2016

That is an excellent question. Nothing seems to indicate they have metalcraft, yet they are also no stranger to "Thumper" items. And one has to wonder about the *origins* of Leafmen and whether or not they were full-sized humans at one point.

However, as everything else made by them appear to be made of naturally obtained and or growing materials, I'd think they are either a hardwood or even crystallized sap.

All of which is strictly conjecture on my part, but were I to write a fanfic set among them, that is how I would describe them.

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