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Love Robin
• 2/28/2015

This is just a thread I'm setting up for discussion about the actor pages on this wiki

I've already created an infobox, however, I'm thinking that the actor pages should include:

  • one sentence about he/she's involvement in the move


  • one or two sentences about them

Early Career

  • a few sentences about how they became who they are now

External Links

wikipedia, imdb, their facebook, twitter, or official page


a few photos

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Love Robin
• 2/28/2015

REally don't need any information which is not pertaining to this wikia's topic. For example, Beyonce Knowles. All we need are things such as

  • What did she do for epic (voice act and songs)
  • When was she cast
  • Any anecdotes of her involvement with epic (ex. to include: did she get married/divorced/give birth/get sick/break a limb/etc during filming?)
  • Nominations and awards
  • And a modest sized image gallery, with prominence given to any pics in conjunction with epic (at premier, at award show(s), in studio, significant tweets *about* epic, etc)

Even External links should be left to Wikipedia to provide, maintain, and ensure correct validity. If necessary *we* can edit WP to provide them. Again, that leaves the onus of keeping that information up-to-date with Wikipedia so that all we need do is link to them.

Of course, if Wikipedia does not have a page about any particular Cast or Crew member, *then* we can increase their page here *AFTER* trying to make one on WP and if it gets removed from there.

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